Terrabyte Group Joins Cyble Network – GrowCon 2024 in Bangkok

Terrabyte Group Cyble GrowCon

Terrabyte Group proudly participated in the highly anticipated Cyble GrowCon 2024 event, held from May 17th to 19th at the Radisson Blu Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand. The event, recognized by its hashtag #GrowCon2.0, brought together leading minds and organizations in cybersecurity for three days of insightful discussions, networking, and innovation. As a key participant, Terrabyte showcased its commitment to advancing cybersecurity solutions and fostering industry collaboration.

A highlight of the event was the Panel Discussion of the Cyble Partner Advisory Council, where Terrabyte Group’s CEO, Roy Toh, took center stage alongside other industry leaders. Led by Dipesh Ranjan Chief Partner Officer – SVP Global Growth & Sales of Cyble, the panel addressed critical issues and emerging trends in cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of partnership and collaboration in tackling today’s complex cyber threats. Roy Toh’s insights underscored Terrabyte’s strategic vision and its dedication to delivering cutting-edge security solutions to its clients.

"Roy Toh - CEO TerrabyteGroup (second from right) in panel discussion with other Cyble Partner on GrowCon 2.0"

Beenu Arora, CEO of Cyble, opened the event with a warm welcome, stating, “It is a privilege to welcome our distinguished partners from across the globe, who share our commitment to advancing cybersecurity. Your journey to GrowCon underscores the robustness and dynamism of our international partnership network. GrowCon 2024 is not just an event – it’s a confluence of the best minds in our field, designed to ignite innovation, facilitate groundbreaking discussions, and redefine industry standards. Our meticulously planned agenda is poised to challenge our perspectives and equip us with the strategies to lead and succeed in an ever-evolving digital landscape.”

In addition to contributing to the panel discussions, Terrabyte Group was honored with the Emerging Reseller of The Year award, a testament to its exceptional growth and impact in the cybersecurity market. Roland Leong, the Country Manager for Terrabyte Thailand, was also present at the event, reinforcing Terrabyte’s local and regional commitment. This recognition highlights Terrabyte’s pivotal role in driving cybersecurity advancements and its continuous efforts to protect and empower businesses in the digital era.