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About Picus

Terrabyte Group partners with Picus Security to Provide Automated Cyber Security Posture Validation in Singapore
We help organisations continuously validate, measure, and enhance the effectiveness of their security controls so that they can more accurately assess risks and strengthen cyber resilience. As the pioneer of Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), our Complete Security Control Validation Platform is used by security teams worldwide to proactively identify security gaps and obtain actionable insights to address them.

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Security Validation Platform

The Complete Security Validation Platform The Picus Security Singapore Control Validation Platform is a Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) solution that helps you measure and strengthen cyber resilience by automatically and continuously testing the effectiveness of your prevention and detection tools.
Picus Security Singapore
Picus Integration


Picus integrates with the most commonly used technologies and helps you keep them ready against the most advanced attacks.

Ensure your organization’s cyber security is always optimized with Picus Singapore. In today’s fast-paced threat landscape, assumptions can lead to vulnerabilities. Picus’ Complete Security Validation Platform provides proactive and threat-centric validation, measurement, and enhancement of your security posture 24/7.

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