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About Picus Security

Terrabyte Group partners with Picus Security to Provide Automated Cyber Security Posture Validation in Singapore
We help organisations continuously validate, measure, and enhance the effectiveness of their security controls so that they can more accurately assess risks and strengthen cyber resilience. As the pioneer of Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), our Complete Security Control Validation Platform is used by security teams worldwide to proactively identify security gaps and obtain actionable insights to address them.
Reduce Your Exposure with Security Validation

Identify and address security gaps with consistent security validation powered by attack simulation and AI.

Quantify Cyber Risk

Simulate real-world attacks to measure effectiveness across your security operations, gauge threat readiness, and prove your security posture to business leaders.

Reduce Threat Exposure

Make prioritized security decisions with validation insights enriched with the latest asset, vulnerability and cyber threat intelligence.

Amplify Team Impact

Automate manual tasks to validate your security at scale. Address threat coverage gaps and misconfigurations with actionable mitigations.

Picus Security Validation



Security Control Validation‚Äč

Measure and optimize the effectiveness of your prevention and detection controls with consistent and accurate attack simulations.

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Attack Path Validation

Discover high-risk attack paths evasive attackers could exploit to move through your internal network and achieve their objectives.

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Detection Rule Validation

Maximize detection efficacy with insights about the performance of your SIEM detection rules and the threat coverage they provide.

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Attack Surface Validation

Get a consolidated view of your internal and external assets, including security and compliance-related insights about the risks they pose.

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Cloud Security Validation

Identify cloud misconfigurations and overly permissive identity and access management policies that weaken the security of your data and workloads in the cloud.

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Address Challenges with Security Validation
See and prioritize exposures across your security operations.

Breach and Attack Simulation

Simulate attacks to measure and optimize the performance of your security controls.

Pen Testing Automation

Scale your manual penetration testing program with automated security validation.

Exposure Management

Adopt a CTEM approach and 2x your ability to prevent attacks.

Picus Integration


Picus Security Singapore integrates with the most commonly used technologies and helps you keep them ready against the most advanced attacks.

Ensure your organization’s cyber security is always optimized. In today’s fast-paced threat landscape, assumptions can lead to vulnerabilities. Picus’ Complete Security Validation Platform provides proactive and threat-centric validation, measurement, and enhancement of your security posture 24/7.

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Terrabyte Group proudly stands as Picus's leading distributor partner.
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