Iboss Principal Visitation to Terrabyte Indonesia for Market Expansion

iboss visit terrabyte

Jakarta (15/05/2024) – In a significant move to bolster international business relations, key representatives from Iboss in the UK and the Philippines recently visited Terrabyte Indonesia at Perwata Tower in Jakarta. The meeting aimed to explore and develop a robust business collaboration between the two companies within Indonesia’s burgeoning tech market. The distinguished attendees from Iboss included Diana De Guzman, Channel Manager APAC, and Simon Eappariello, Senior Vice President EMEA & APJ. Their visit underscores Iboss’s commitment to expanding its footprint in Southeast Asia through strategic partnerships.

During the discussions, both parties highlighted the mutual benefits of their collaboration. Diana De Guzman emphasized the importance of aligning their cybersecurity solutions with Terrabyte’s local market expertise. Simon Eappariello added that the synergy between Iboss’s innovative cloud security platforms and Terrabyte’s established network in Indonesia could significantly enhance the cybersecurity landscape for businesses in the region. This strategic alliance is expected to address the growing demand for advanced cybersecurity solutions amidst increasing digital transformation across industries in Indonesia.

From Terrabyte Indonesia’s side, the meeting was led by Tino Martinus, the Country Manager, who expressed optimism about the partnership’s potential to drive growth and innovation. Clarissa Jacob, Event Manager, and M. Al Hadid, Marketing Manager, also contributed to the discussions, highlighting the planned marketing and event strategies to promote the partnership. The Terrabyte Indonesia marketing team presented a detailed plan for market penetration, emphasizing tailored marketing campaigns and collaborative events aimed at building brand awareness and customer engagement in Indonesia.

The meeting concluded with a shared vision for the future, where both Iboss and Terrabyte Indonesia aim to leverage each other’s strengths to deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to Indonesian enterprises. This partnership is set to create new opportunities for technological advancements and business growth, reinforcing Jakarta’s position as a key player in Southeast Asia’s tech industry. The collaboration between Iboss and Terrabyte Indonesia represents a significant step towards a secure and digitally empowered business environment in the region.