Renpho Smart Rope

Renpho Smart Jump Rope Pro

Renpho Smart Jump Rope is a great cardio and strength training workout all in one. Comes with adjustable settings with a ropeless experience to increase strength, agility and rhythm. This innovative tool lets you monitor your skip time, total skip number and calories burned to speed up your fitness progress.


  • Excellent body cardio exercise
  • Keeps your body fit
  • Improves endurance and speed
  • Improves coordination and balance
  • Promotes spatial awareness


3 Fitness Mode
Choose Free Jump, Countdown Timer & Countdown Number to personalize your workout routine.

Tangle-Free Experience
Option of weighted cordless rope for a tangle-free experience for smaller spaces.

Adjustable Rope Length
3 meters long rope that can be easily adjustable to suit your height.

Smart LCD Handle
The main handle is embedded with an LCD screen where your skipping rope data is displayed.

Smart App-Enabled Jump Rope
Track your fitness progress through Renpho’s Health App. Connect your device to the app via Bluetooth to save all your skipping workout data.

Price Start From 59 USD