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Host Search

Helps you identify hosts with specific services and effectively manage your network or cybersecurity tasks. Host search result and displays relevant information such as – IP addresses, hostnames, locations, tags, and much more

Certificate Search

Odin scans the internet to search for and analyze digital certificates associated with websites or online services. Certificate search displays information such as Fingerprint, Issuer, Validity, Signature, Signed Certificate Timestamp, Subject Key Info, Extensions, and much more


CVE, short for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, displays the list of security vulnerabilities in software or hardware systems. CVE information displays the CVE Summary, vector string, CWE weakness, and Reference Links

Find Out How Clients Are Using ODIN

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Asset Discovery

  1. ODIN’s Host Search feature aids organizations in meticulously locating and identifying devices within a network.
  2. The process offers a comprehensive host summary, considering factors like geographical location, active services, open ports, product types, and more.
  3. This detailed inventory is crucial for gaining insights into and effectively managing the digital landscape of the network.

Port Scanning

  1. ODIN’s Host Search feature empowers organizations to pinpoint and examine hosts offering specific services within their network.
  2. This functionality enables proactive measures to be taken, addressing vulnerabilities and bolstering overall network security.

Service Identification

  1. Identify and analyze services on open ports, collecting service banners for detailed insights.
  2. Methodically record service details like type, version, configuration, and security protocols.
  3. The catalog becomes a crucial tool for effectively managing network service security

Vulnerability Detection

  1. Scrutinizes systems for vulnerabilities like outdated software and misconfigurations
  2. Identifies security flaws crucial for timely corrective measures
  3. Enhances overall risk mitigation in network security

Certificate Analysis

  1. Detailed examination of SSL/TLS certificates for websites and internet services.
  2. Analysis yields insights into security posture and helps detect/prevent potential threats.
  3. Understanding certificate intricacies is crucial for maintaining robust cybersecurity measures.

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