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Cyble Hawk

In the face of evolving and sophisticated cyber threats, Cyble Hawk stands as your vigilant protector, offering a comprehensive, intelligent, and robust defense mechanism. With Cyble Hawk, rest assured that your organization is not just responding to threats but is strategically positioned to outsmart them. Choose Cyble Hawk, and take a definitive step towards securing your digital horizon.

AI-Powered Proactive Cybersecurity Investigation Platform for governments and federal bodies.

What Cyble Hawk Offers


We provide intelligence not just from OSINT, but from our enhanced Intelligence and Investigation techniques.

Artificial Intelligence

Cyble Hawk uses Deep Learning to identify and track threats and threat actors from known sources.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence analysts as an extended part of your organization, who have deep experience and expertise in gathering and creating curated intelligence on the geo-political, military, cyber-physical and homeland security landscape.


Deep knowledge of trade craft, along with a nuanced understanding of the culture and operating practices of various adversarial groups in the cyber physical space.


Access to finished intelligence content and advisories on threat actors and vulnerabilities via our AI powered cyber-crime intelligence monitoring platform

Real Time Alerts

Real time alerts on compromised credentials, vulnerabilities, or data breaches that impact organizations or processing facilities associated with strategic sectors such as aviation, defence etc.


Access to threat actor conversation excerpts to help unravel and track attacks that are in-flight or at a planning stage.


Timely intelligence and analysis on activities or events that could be linked to extremist action, cyber-crime/financial crime such as money-laundering of illicit sources (ransomware) via block-chain transactions

Terrabyte Group proudly stands as Cyble’s leading distributor partner in Singapore.
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