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Search Your Dark Web Exposure

Cutting-edge Features to Identify, Prioritize and Mitigate Dark Web Risks

Effortlessly discover leaks with our potent, user-friendly tool: leaked emails, usernames, passwords, IPs, addresses, and sensitive data.

Discover Credential Leaks

Our researchers continuously monitor the public Internet and Dark Web to find credential leaks, conversations in the cybercrime forums, chats and immediately report details on any compromised email/username for your customers, employees, or partners.

Assistance in Identity Fraud Detections and Investigations

Our researchers continuously monitor and utilize Cyble’s rich dark web repositories to detect and investigate potential cases of identity theft and fraud.

Consumer Plan is Free (With Powerful Features)

We believe that you shouldn’t pay to assess your information exposure. Hence, individuals gets free access.

We have an Edge

Cyble has been a leader in detecting and responding to breaches and tracking Cybercrime. When we know, you will know too.


What is Dark Web Exposure?

Dark Web exposure is the situation where sensitive information or data from individuals or organizations becomes accessible or available on the Dark Web. This information is often obtained through data breaches or leaks, posing a significant risk to data privacy and security.


What is Identity Fraud Detection?

Identity Fraud Detection is the process of using various techniques and technologies to identify and prevent fraudulent activities related to someone’s identity, such as unauthorized access, account takeover, or identity theft.


How to Search Data Breach on Dark Web?

Use Cyble’s largest dark web monitoring engine AmIBreached to assess your exposure. Make sure you’re aware of the risks by searching through our 150,447,938,145 records! We have over 50,000 data breaches, several hacking forums, conversations indexed.

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