The Best Headsets for Professionals

singapore best headset for professionals

Best Headsets for Professionals

The growing post-pandemic trend of remote and hybrid work, high-quality headsets have become indispensable tools for professionals working from home and office.

In a busy office environment, working remotely, or engaging in virtual meetings, having a reliable headset can significantly enhance your productivity and overall experience.

Best Headsets for Professionals should make conversations with colleagues and customers effortless while helping you focus on the job at hand.

Here’s how to find the best work-from-home headset for your situation.

  1. Professional-quality audio

When working from home, being able to have clear conversations is critical. So perhaps the highest priority is a headset that lets you hear and be heard clearly, no matter if you’re in an online conference or on a call with customers.

Look for a headset with a microphone that can pick up your voice perfectly while also letting you hear the other side of the call. The safest choice is a dedicated professional headset made specifically for business users. These headsets deliver professional-level call and audio quality and are optimized for home office purposes.

  1. UC compatibility

UC (Unified Communications) means the headset is optimized for use with a variety softphone applications. They offer a plug-and-play setup, so you can start using them right away.

Your company likely has a specific suite of software tools that all employees use. Make sure your headset is certified for and compatible with your UC platforms.

  1. Type of connection

This largely depends on your individual habits and needs. Some home workers use their headsets primarily while sitting at their computer while others are more mobile and need a flexible solution.

Luckily, work-from-home headsets come in both wired and wireless Bluetooth® versions, so you can choose a headset that works best based on your working style.

  1. Noise cancellation

Home offices generally tend to be calmer environments than busy workplaces, so this isn’t always a priority. However, if you share a home office or live on a busy street, being able to block out distractions is important.

In that case, Best Headsets for Professionals must: Has noise-canceling microphones, blocking out surrounding noise while picking-up only your voice, so you come across clearly while in calls.Uses passive noise damping and / or active noise cancellation to block out unwanted noise and help you focus.

EPOS carries a range of wired and wireless headsets engineered for different purposes. The following five are especially well suited for working from home. Discover which one is best for you.

singapore best headset for professionals